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New Tracks Soon!

2013-03-11 15:21:03 by DamienFleisch

Good day!

I'm working on two short films right now. One is a drama about a down and out boxing coach trying to save his gym called Title Fight, and the other is about a religious zealot who is trying to reaffirm the faith of his followers by any means necessary called Fortune. I'm finishing up the first couple of tracks for them and will (hopefully) post them soon!

This stuff is keeping me busy but I have been trying to surf around NG and listen to/watch people's stuff. If you've happened upon me and listened to my music I'd love to see/hear what you've been uploading! So please leave me a review/comment/constructive criticism or send me a message, or even a friend request :D!! I promise to check out your profile. Mayhap soon I'll get a chance to find some of you too!

Auf Wiedersehen!



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