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Hello, my name is Kyle (aka DamienFleisch). I'm a composer pursuing a career in writing music for movies, television, and videogames. If you like my music and would like me to write some music for you, please don't hesitate to contact me :)


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Still Alive!

Posted by DamienFleisch - October 19th, 2015

Hey NGers

I know I haven't uploaded anything or left a rare comment in the forum for a very long time but I just thought I'd make a little post saying "Hey, I'm still alive!" for anyone who might care to read it. I haven't stopped writing music or anything, it's simply a matter of being so damn busy that I haven't had time to do anything I COULD upload here. I actually recently finished scoring two movies. One was a comedy short that's out making festival runs now. It just screened at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival! And the other is a feature length horror movie that I co-scored with another composer. On top of that, I've been working a full time day job, doing guitar/vocals in a thrash/death/doom metal band, and teaching guitar lessons.

I finished working on both of those movies back in about the middle/end of August and I used the last few weeks to really re-evaluate my approach to trying to make a career out of writing music and playing guitar. It is still without a doubt in my mind what I WANT for myself, but I need to find or plan a feasible way to ACTUALLY DO IT. I've been doing a lot of research on AudioJungle and I'm now starting to put together a repertoire of tracks to get up on there and hopefully that will be a good place to start. Even if it doesn't become a major source of income, I think it will at the very least be a good barometer of my ability to create music people are willing to pay for. 

The bottom line is, I guess, that I'm back in action and looking for some new projects to work on! So if you're reading this and you like my music, please don't hesitate to contact me (or recommend me to someone!). I'm not in a position where I can work for free, but I am willing to recieve money on the back end of a project if there is little or no budget up front. I hope everyone has been well for the last year or so, and I'll be having some new tracks up soon :D




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good to hear you're back kyle, lookin forward to ya projects :>stay busy yo